Zapier’s Approach to Real Remote Communication

Nick Valluri, Strategic Alliances Manager at Zapier on the shift to remote and effective writing in organizations

In this post you’ll learn:

✍️ Taking longer to write shorter

“A lot of companies put a lot of emphasis on flowery language and how much you write. They equate quantity with quality. He made it clear that at a remote company like Zapier, everyone needs to be very effective at written communication.”

🚀 6 practices for better writing on remote teams

🏡 Relating Remotely: Immediacy and Depth

🎙 Leveraging the ease of meetings

“It’s never been easier to get on someone’s calendar than it is right now. When you have to structure this whole on-site visit, it becomes much harder. Now I just write to someone and say: Hey, can I get 30 minutes with you? People are generally open to that.”

💻 People’s lives on your screen

“Every time I talk to someone who is working remotely, it is such a cool experience to ask where they are working from. You see kids. You see dogs. You see different setups. In one case I was in touch with a partner manager who was in a different place every month doing nomad-style. From a relationship-building perspective, instead of putting so much pressure on that one in-person activity you might have per quarter, or meeting at a conference, you get to kind of go behind the scenes with people and show them behind the scenes into your own life.“

⏰ Remote means more time

“The question for our team is how do we scale these in-person conversations across 2000 partners? I’m able to spend my time with the right partners that have a potential impact. It’s sometimes difficult to get people to understand how Zapier can add value to their product, how we can supplement their product, or how we can extend their ecosystem. That needs a personal touch, not just an email, so having the option to do video calls provides an opportunity to talk to a lot more people in person than if I had to travel to each one onsite.”

🤝 Empathy with customers

Growth at Hugo. Previously data science at Squarespace. Writing here now:

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