How Atlassian Runs an Internal Blog for Sharing Insights

Chatting with Brittany Sudlow, Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian

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In this post you’ll learn more about:

📝 Internal Blogging: Going Deeper

“Every new hire is encouraged to write a welcome blog — where you come from, your hobbies and pictures — fun pages usually. Almost every employee that leaves writes a really nice goodbye letter as well. People use memes, gifs, and emojis to show their personality. You’ll also get updates from engineers, for example if they tried a new way of doing sprints or a new way to code.”

The Transparency Process

💊 The Zoombie Cure

“We heavily use Slack (and Confluence) for non-video communication, however, sometimes that isn’t rich enough feedback but you don’t want to jump on a formal 30-minute Zoom call. Instead we’ve been experimenting with other asynchronous video platforms like Loom to record video updates or screenshares. Videos…but on your time.”

Growth at Hugo. Previously data science at Squarespace. Writing here now:

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