How Atlassian Finds and Fixes Antipatterns

Chatting with Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead, Software Teams

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For those who don’t use Agile methodologies, retros or retrospective meetings are held after every software release to assess and improve the product and process.

In this article, you’ll get practical advice on:

🛠 Tools for transforming team culture

👀 Process observation

🙍‍♀️ Watch the faces

It’s pretty rare that something’s broken and only one person notices it. It’s just somebody has to be willing to say it.

💕 Give them the feels

🛠 Templates for looking back with your team

⏪ Project Retro

🛑 Start Stop Continue

📅 All Activities Review

💭 Closing thoughts on clarity

Growth at Hugo. Previously data science at Squarespace. Writing here now:

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