24 Principles for 24 Years

My second annual edition of yearly takeaways

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Photo by Ruben Engel on Unsplash
  1. Life isn’t short — we make it short
  2. How you spend your time is who you are
  3. Almost everyone wants you to be average
  4. Both bad and good things happen in waves
  5. Do things that make your friends say “wow”
  6. There are both more and fewer people like you than you think
  7. Double down on what works
  8. Principles don’t get suspended when things are hard
  9. Learning in public compounds
  10. Writing is keeping a relationship with your mind
  11. Take time to understand how you have been programmed
  12. Study the endgame first
  13. You can’t enjoy the highs without experiencing the lows
  14. The best art divides audiences
  15. Most things can be solved with faster feedback loops
  16. Discipline can be both learned and unlearned
  17. When you’re told you have two options, you almost always have more
  18. Ask for forgiveness, not permission
  19. There’s no advantage quite like being willing to play the long game
  20. When we get comfortable is when we stop growing
  21. Take mental health just as seriously as physical health
  22. Action trumps inaction, almost every time
  23. Nobody can teach us the things that matter

Growth at Hugo. Previously data science at Squarespace. Writing here now: https://www.conordewey.com

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